Want a Tarot Reading?

If you would like me to conduct a reading for you, email me with some information about the situation you'd like me to look into. Payment is by Paypal (details will be sent to you) and all readings are delivered within 36 hours of payment, by email. I prefer to provide written readings as you can refer back to it that way. You are free to ask me for clarification on any point following a reading.

Please note that I cannot morally use the cards to tell you what someone else is thinking or feeling and that my readings are not based on an assumption that you have one fixed fate.

3 Card Readings £15
These are ideal for answering a specific question or examining a situation or problem. I usually use card positions to look at the heart of the matter (it isn't always what you expect!), an action to take and something to avoid doing, although different positions may be more appropriate in your situation e.g. a card for possibility x, one for possibility y and one for advice/something to bear in mind.

6 Card Readings £25
These more detailed readings are suitable for a broader look at an area (e.g. career, spiritual path) rather than a specific question. I will look at your past (what to keep and what to let go), strengths, challenges and suggested next steps.

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