Sunday, 5 May 2013

A-Z Reflections post

Well, I did it: one post for each letter of the alphabet, all posted within April. Yes, there was a 'Grr' moment in the middle due to what they may call 'technical difficulties', but as far as I'm concerned, I did complete the challenge of 26 themed posts in April.

So what did I gain? I found several cool new blogs to read, and I had some nice visitors here, and I also learned that I can blog every day, but would probably not choose to do so normally :). I also discovered that my overall blog theme - my personal experiences of paganism in my daily life - works and provides me with plenty of scope for posts, so I'll definitely be continuing.

At the moment, I've said I'll post here weekly, but that may yet increase as time allows. I've really used this challenge as a way to test out blogging, having only had a couple of posts before the challenge. I wanted the challenge to kick-start my blog, making sure I'd have a good few posts up on a range of topics, and I also wanted to test the waters and see whether I had things to say. I *think* I've established that I do!

Thank you for visiting and for making the challenge fun!

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