Saturday, 1 June 2013

Affirmations: the chakras and the elements

Here are two sets of affirmations that I use regularly. I wrote them quite specifically to help me, so some of the ideas may need tweaking for your circumstances.

Yoga all chakras and chakraserpentThis first one I recite while focusing on each chakra in turn:

  • I am grounded: a child of the earth.  Energy flows through me into her warm darkness.
  • I am vital: a creature of impulse.  I am free to express my sexuality without fear.
  • I am comfortable: a being of value.  My existence enriches the world.
  • I am loved: a woman of warmth.  I have the power to reach out to others.
  • I am vocal: a person of confidence.  My truth is worthwhile for the world to hear.
  • I am open: a soul of clarity.  My wisdom is welcomed by others.
  • I am connected: a spirit of light.  Energy flows through me from her bright openness.
If you're new to working with chakras, this is a good introduction.

This second one I use with my four elements prayer beads bracelet, as a kind of gratitude prayer, helping me to focus on the blessings I receive through each element:

I earn the means to live comfortably in the world.
I share my knowledge with others.
I experience a connection with the divine through all things.
I feel the love of those around and before me.

These four lines run through Earth, Air, Fire, Water. I conclude on the pentacle with a reminder that "I am blessed".

I hope these help somebody. I certainly find them useful in setting my thoughts to 'positive' :)

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