Thursday, 4 April 2013

D: Damh the Bard

D is for the fabulous pagan music of Damh the Bard. If you haven't discovered it yet, and you like the folk tradition and the bardic path, I would strongly recommend you go and rectify this immediately! He usually has a sample or two on his website to check out.

I've been a folk fan for quite a few years, and Damh has some great versions of trad songs, but it's his own pagan songs that I really love. Who could resist lyrics like these?:
Sunset, Moonrise,
See how the land is bathed,
In silver hue.
You feel so lonely,
Come with me and let me show,
There are others just like you.
Who feel the powers of Earth, Sea and Sky,
Of Dragon and Faerie and Shades of the night,
Hear the call of our ancestors of blood and bone,
Of womb and tomb, and standing stone..
Aren't they brilliant? These are the opening lines to The Cauldron Born, a stirring call to recognise your clan. His site also features his thoughtful blog and other projects, like the Spirit of Albion film, which dramatises a meeting between modern seekers and some of the Old Gods.

Oh, and there's another great D here too: the Druidcast podcast which Damh records monthly for OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids). It's around an hour and features pagan music, interviews with prominent pagans and discussions of all sorts of interesting topics.


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